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The Designers had been busy all this week preparing their apps for an update to be pushed on the Friday. Great improvements had been made to both of my games, fixing many bugs and visual aspects in Space Race and fixing theming, visualisations and instructions in Splop. Adrian gave everyone permissions to push app updates, I had a feeling I would be the one pushing the updates and my intuition was correct.

I needed to quickly change 1 small thing for each of my apps before I released the update. Space Race’s UI layering was a bit off and the sun would move on top of the UI as it progressed forward. Splop’s level menu scrollbar would show only two levels visible at the beginning of the scrollbar on some devices, so I moved it left 100 units so that 1/4-1/2 of the third level would be displayed signifying the player can scroll to other levels.

This week was exhibition week! Week 12, Wednesday, 5pm-8pm. That is what the usual details are for an exhibition night, except only three of us from the whole of Studio 3 turned up and presented our games. Everyone else ‘didn’t know’ that the exhibition was this week until Tuesday apparently, the day before the exhibition. Anyway, it was Carlos, Eli and I who showcased the games. Carlos and Eli are on the Steel Seal (formerly Seal Surfer) team.

I showcased both of my games I had worked on this trimester. It was a whole load of fun, it went by so fast! My feet ached as I had to stand by my games for the whole 3 hours (I was very jealous of Carlos and Eli, who could swap out every half an hour or so to take a break), but I kept myself active and entertained and tried dismissing the pain, it worked to some extent! Quite a few people from the industry came to the event and played our games, we received a lot of good feedback that will be very useful in the future. I passed the feedback onto all 4 of my designers, since none of my designers were there on the night, and in the update pushed on Friday, a lot of the feedback was integrated into the games which is a really good thing to see that my designers also took on the feedback given.

I have been asked by my ITS teacher from school, this week, if I could make a course for his Moodle site teaching technology students all around the world how to develop a game in Unity. I have started planning out how I will present the course already, and have got some good ideas brewing in my mind for what sort of content I will cover. I am thinking maybe 3 hours of content a week, so that 5 days each week, students can spend 30-40 minutes on a module, and make 1 full small game each week, progressively getting harder each week.

It is LO Weekend. Expect 3 more blogs today (hopefully I can do it!). I have figured out I need to do 9 writing-related things this weekend, two days have already been and I have written 3 of them. 4 blogs total today, then tomorrow I am left with two writings which, to be honest, I could probably only get one done, but i’ll try for both. It is going to be a big rush to get everything done by the end of the week, but Greg marked off 12 LOs related to the apps on Thursday, and we also started and completed the implementation of a network LO, so that put it up to a total of 13 out of 24 LOs complete! I have done at least another 5 LOs worth of stuff, possibly up to 7, which would put me up to 18-20/24, so very close.

I would love to go into more detail about the exhibition, but I am way too busy, and need to do another three blogs today, plus this blog is starting to go way over the rough limit I set myself of 500 words per blog this trimester, so it will have to wait for another time, I gave you the general gist anyway.

Alright, on to the next blog, wish me luck for the rest of this weekend!

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.