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This week was the week, the apps are now published! It has been a very long journey, making two apps. I remember the first week us Programmers were told that we were to make alpha versions of these apps in 4 days, sure, making one game in 4 days is fine, but I was set with the mammoth task of making two Designer group’s alpha apps in the 4-day period. I was actually able to do that, with one app alpha complete to around 95% and the other to about 80%. What made it even more amazing was that I had managed to make a level builder tool for the first game as well, in this 4-day period. I must admit, I was quite proud of myself. Zoom through the weeks and quite a few new feature requests and bug fixes later, and I had contributed to two (un-polished) full games which are now available to wider public! Here, go play my games, give me some feedback at daniel.jochem@gmail.com!:


Space Racehttps://goo.gl/JP3y6n

Only two weeks of the trimester to go! It is very scary the amount of work I still need to do, extra scary because I currently have 0/24 LOs completed, and that I still need to do more to my Final Project game which is currently a higher priority, as the progress report is due on Tuesday so I have to have stuff completed for that.

Looks like I won’t be finishing all LOs by the end of Week 12, like I promised myself I would try to do, it has just been way too busy with the apps I needed to make for the Designer groups.

Although my LO sheet shows that I have been satisfactory for 0/24 LOs, I have done the equivalent of between 14 and 18 LOs, they just need to be checked and marked off. Luckily most of those LOs to be marked off are for the apps that have just been published this week, so once Greg plays the apps, he can hopefully check most, if not all of those app-related LOs off.

I am going to be working on Final Project for the rest of today, but tomorrow is dedicated to working on more LOs. I can hopefully get a load of the “Make a game or system that uses threads or scheduling to achieve concurrency” LO done tomorrow, as I can work on the placeholder raytracer to get it as efficient and optimised as possible. I will do as much as I can  in one day, as when we finally take our Kinect 3D-ish photo of us Programmers, hopefully this week, I can quickly copy over the code I made/changed on the placeholder raytracer to the new raytracer with our photo, add some more small optimisations to it, and be done for that LO.

It is now the final push towards the end of the trimester, I am definitely on the right track to complete everything that needs to be completed, but a little bit behind schedule, so I will be working a couple more hours a day on all I need to do, and I have hope that I will complete all that is required by the end of Week 13!

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.