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This week was again spent on the Designer’s games. I think I have finally got to a point where I can start focussing on my Programming LOs instead of focussing on the Designer games. Both of my games don’t have any bugs that we are aware of, with only some minor-ish features still not implemented. For SpaceRace, we still need a Highscore system, the Missions system needs to be worked on a bit more. For Splop!, everything is in and working that needs to be as far as I know, just maybe need a highscore system, and there is still some beautiful juice we need to add to the game that uses the gyroscope and the accelerometer on Android devices. We still don’t have IAP, Ads or Social stuff integrated into the games yet, but hopefully Eli is onto that this weekend as he may have hinted he is going to dedicate time to figuring at least one out. We will see on Tuesday if he came up with anything.

I gave the Common folder fix to Eli to put on his project, but Unity Cloud Build still failed to build it for some unknown reason… I think Eli said he isn’t really using anything from it anymore anyway, and Ryan confirmed to me that he is just using his own scripts for things that were in the Common folder anyway, so he doesn’t need the fix.

We have a total of 4 weeks to go, and I had planned to get everything LO related done by the end of Week 12, but I still have 0/24 completed, with 3 weeks till my self-set deadline, which worries me a bit. Hopefully I can leave the Designer games alone until Tuesday of Week 11, so I can focus on LOs for the rest of this weekend and all through next week and next weekend. Hopefully. I WOULD be able to do that, for sure, if I also didn’t have stuff to do for Final Project, but hopefully I can sort something out with my Designer’s for FP, so I can get these LOs completed!

We are still yet to be taught some networking by Greg and we also haven’t taken our 3D photo of us Programmers to try to optimise the rendering of for another LO, so hopefully we get to work on networking this week so I can, next weekend, work on that as well as the optimisation LO. I am going well with keeping my blogs to the word count of around 500, which amazes me, but I am glad that I can do it, it gives me more time to work on other things for this Module. Expect another blog from me later today, I will be writing one about limitations of an Android device in relation to making games for the platform. That blog’s count may go over the 500 word mark, it probably should, but I can not be sure just yet.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.