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Well we are one week closer to the end of the trimester and no closer to crossing off any Programming LOs. Our Designers keep giving us more to do to the games, and I am afraid that we won’t have enough time to do all of our personal LOs. We still haven’t started on ads or IAPs or social integration for the games, but luckily the Betas for the games were due this week, so hopefully we are on the final stages of integrating new features the Designers have newly thought of, so hopefully our list of things to do only shrinks from now.

Initially when we were divied out our games to make Alphas for, Anthony said that I should be working on the two Alphas whilst the other two Programmers work on their one and also on the additional systems (hopefully modularised) we would need for our Alphas, the main three being Ads, Social Integration and In App Purchases. This in fact did not happen, the additional modularised systems were not created and I am quite annoyed that they aren’t done even to this very day, three weeks after the milestone has passed. I may have to also do these systems by myself :/ *is not impressed*.

I spent the majority of both Tuesday and Thursday’s lessons with my two groups, helping integrate what needed to be integrated before the end of the week so that the Beta versions could be downloaded onto Adrian’s phone before the weekend. When we did put both apps on Adrian’s phone, Splop!’s level selector wasn’t working how it was intended and if you clicked on a level, the level would appear not to load. The level selector issue was solved, but the loading of the levels is still a slight mystery as they load on the computer but not on Android devices. Greg mentioned something about being able to debug and show the profiler in Unity whilst the app is loaded and being played on an Android device, so we will need to find out how to do that and figure out what is going on.

I have also fixed the Common folder issue wherein the contents inside that folder were not getting built by Unity Cloud Build as they reside in a different repo. My solution was to, instead of using the Update Common menu item in Unity to handle all the logic, I would make that menu item call a batch file which would pull the repo to the Common folder, copy all that is inside to another folder which I called “Programmer’s Stuff” and then it would delete the Common folder. That way we can now push the Common scripts and not have any script namespace conflicts as using a batch file to do all three steps allows for the automatic wait-till-task-finished-before-doing-the-next-task feature of batch scripts so that only at the final step will Unity try to compile the scripts.

As for the rest of this weekend, I hope to work on the level builder for Splop! more both tonight and tomorrow, although Toby (from Team SpaceRace) wanted me to help him with the Missions system tomorrow, but so far he has not messaged back confirming any times or anything.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.