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Apologies for not posting this blog when I promised, I am not getting lazy, just very busy. So let’s travel back in time…

For Tuesday’s class, Greg and the three Programmers went to another room and Greg talked to us about our optimization LO. He showed us the program he made which we are going to speed up through optimization methods we put into it. We are going to optimize to the best of our ability, the rendering of a 3D picture of us Programmers, made from spheres which are placed based on points data taken from a Kinect photo. Ryan was not at university on Tuesday, so we couldn’t take the photo on Tuesday, but once we have the photo, we can start working on it.

It is that time of the Trimester again, it is Study Week! It is also Melbourne International Games Week, which means GCAP, PAX and Unite are on, which also means that a lot of lecturers and students are away this week. Study Week also means that this week we are doing our KPI / TSA meetings. The meeting went well, Greg had only known what we were doing for a max of two lessons, so he was coming into these meetings kind of blind, he didn’t have much feedback for this trimester, instead basing his feedback off of what he remembered of our progress last trimester and what we had written in both last trimester’s and this trimester’s TSA assessments. The rest of the lesson we worked with our Designer’s to get closer to the completion of our games to the stage where they can be released as Betas.

Next week, the Designers have their apps due for Beta, so I am guessing both Tuesday and Thursday will be focussed on finishing the app features up. I still have a couple of things I need to do to Splop! but it shouldn’t be too hard to complete in time. Hopefully none of my Designers ask me to do anything else to their games (apart from bug fixing), Alpha was supposed to be due around 3 weeks ago, but both groups keep asking me to do more!

Alright, back to the current timeline, I am definitely less busy this weekend, although I still have a lot to do, so I am 90% sure I will post this week’s blog on Sunday (two days from now). Thanks for not giving up on my lately-inconsistent blog postings, unfortunately they have been late due to a high volume of workload needing to be done in a short amount of time.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.