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First off, I would like to apologize for the VERY late blog post. I ended up writing this blog post on Tuesday morning before Uni, but I forgot to finish it off before class and post it. So Now it is the Friday of Week 7 and I will be posting Week 7’s Weekly Roundup in two days. Alright, now on to what happened during Week 6…

Anthony wasn’t there on Tuesday, I think because of sickness, so we had Greg for the lesson. Greg was unfortunately starting to get sick as well, luckily us Programmers had a lot to do still, so Greg didn’t have to talk much. I spent the whole lesson bug-fixing for the SpaceRace game. There was a bit to do, so it filled the whole lesson.

On Thursday, Anthony wasn’t in once again, Adrian told us that Anthony wouldn’t be taking us anymore and that Greg would take us instead. I really like Greg, so I don’t mind at all, but I was just starting to get on the good side of Anthony and was wanting to see where it would go, I was hoping maybe an internship at his company ;). I really enjoy Greg’s teaching style though, I had a lot of fun last trimester. Greg hardly had a voice, but he was a trooper and took us to another room and we told him all that we have done this trimester so far in hope that we could get some LOs ticked off on his newly-created LO sheet. It was nice to look back and re-remember everything we had learnt so far, it is amazingly a lot! When we got back, our Designers had more questions for us about the Alphas we had made for them. The SpaceRace Designers wanted nothing else from me apart from integration of the ad, social media and IAP systems, and the Splop! Designers had a whole list for me which I got to doing straight away.

From Saturday-Monday I worked on more of the Splop! feature / bug-fix list that I was given. I still have a little bit to do but hopefully in class today, I can get it done. Yes, I have left this blog post till Tuesday, but I didn’t want to be distracted, I project that this won’t happen again, but I can’t predict the future, who do you think I am?

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.