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On Tuesday in class, we were told by Anthony, that as Programmers, we are in charge of releasing the Designer’s apps on the Google Play store, we are in charge of handling the Designer’s repos for their games throughout the project, and also that the Programmers will be making Alpha games for the teams over the weekend. A question popped into my head as Anthony said this, and I asked, “Well, if there are three Programmers and 4 Designer teams, won’t one team not have a Programmer, that isn’t very fair!” and to my amazement, Anthony’s response was that yes, I am correct in saying that, and that I have been assigned two projects to manage. At first I was a little worried that handling two teams was going to be an overload, but I was them humbled by the fact that Anthony had that much faith in my ability to handle such a workload.

The Designers pitched their game ideas to other teams and to us Programmers. Anthony told us to make sure to write down a lot of notes and Designer’s pitches and asked Designer’s of the groups we were handling specific questions to do with the project as we were to make the whole of the Alpha for their games over the weekend.

On Thursday, we were told that the modularised systems that we were to be creating would need to be distributed to all four groups very easily and make it so that the Designers can not push any changes they make by mistake or customisations to the systems to be more useful for their games. After about ten minutes discussing between the programmers, we didn’t come up with a good solution to this problem and were informed that there was such a thing called nested repositories. You can put repositories inside other repositories and the ‘child’ repo would not be committed by the ‘parent’ repo, so that we can put our programmer-y additions into this ‘child’ repo and the Designer’s wouldn’t accidentally push their changes to everyone else via the shared ‘child’ repo (as nested repos don’t detect each other).

We spent the first 3-hour period making these repos on Bitbucket, sorting out how to manage them and how to get the Designer’s to update their projects with the new content we push in this nested repo.

The second 3-hour period was dedicated to getting to know the Designer’s projects, we had an interview-type meeting between Programmers and their groups in front of the whole class, where in us Programmers asked questions to our Designers about details that we were not clear on or that were missing from the project GDDs, as again, the Programmers were making Alpha games for their assigned projects over the weekend. I started to feel a lot more worried about the workload that I was going to complete over the weekend as making two feature-complete games in four days was going to be a challenge, but a challenge I was willing to succeed at. I will update you on my progress in next week’s blog.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.