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On Tuesday in class, we showcased our Alpha games to our Designer groups and also to our facilitators. We were instructed that by the end of the lesson we should have playable versions of our games working on the campus tablets. I had not tested if any of my games worked on a tablet and had never before created a game and put it on a mobile/tablet so I was quite worried that it would take a while to get things situated so that inputs were working on the tablet and that the game was not running in some weird camera position or skewed or anything. Luckily we were told that if we scripted mouse inputs, that using touch inputs should in theory work straight away, and it turns out they do! The problem I did have with both my games, however, was that the games were zoomed in about 20% so you could not see UI that was placed in the outside 20% of the scene in Unity.

It didn’t take that long to fix the camera/UI situation, so for the rest of the lesson I went through with my Designers a few gameplays of their game and asked them what they think I still need to do for them to be satisfied with my contribution to their project. For Splop!, the Designers were over-the-moon with what I had achieved and said my work was satisfactory. For SpaceRace, they had a whole list of things I still needed to do for them for the game, which I expected, and I had a list of my own for things I still needed to do to their game from over the weekend so we compared notes and found that all but one thing was exactly the same, so I knew exactly what I needed to do still and had already planned how to achieve them over the weekend, so that team was quite happy for me to slightly-faster-than-potter along until I got it all done.

On Thursday, the Programmers spent the whole lesson working on the games. It was good to get live support from each other, someone to talk to if we encountered a problem and we ended up working reasonably quickly though each of our problems because of this. Anthony was away for some reason, so Greg was there to help us if we needed it, oh how I miss Greg, he is so great! Anthony is alright I guess… 😛 Haha, but yeah I really enjoyed my time last trimester and it was good to catch up with Greg again. By the end of the lesson, we were to have complete Alpha builds so that Adrian could put them onto his phone and show them off on the weekend. I didn’t get my whole second game done, but Splop! was functionally complete even before the lesson.

This weekend I have been working on SpaceRace and have only just finished with all the systems before I started writing these blogs tonight. Tomorrow is going to be spent porting the 5.5 version of Splop!’s level builder over to 5.4, and then I am going to implement loading levels back into the builder so that you can edit them again, as well.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.