A Busy, Busy, Busy Weekend –  http://textcraft.net

As promised, you will be provided with an update of my progress over the weekend. I can tell you now, it was a VERY busy weekend. It quite possibly was the most intense weekend work-wise that I have ever done. I spent on average 18.75 hours a day working on these two games I was assigned.

The first day was purely assigned to creating a level builder tool for the first game, “Splop!”. The level builder is awesome, if I must say so myself, but I made the mistake of building it in Unity 5.5, not 5.4 like the computers at Uni, so I will need to transfer the scripts over to a 5.4 project and rebuild the scene again. I will probably be rebuilding it tomorrow, it shouldn’t take more than 6 hours to do it, and 6 hours is REALLY giving myself time, it most probably could be done in 2 or 3.

The second day of this insane weekend was meant to be assigned to make the whole of the first game, Splop!, but I ended up having a few issues with certain aspects of the UI, mainly the scrollbar for selecting which level you want to play. So instead of making the whole game, I spent the whole day finishing up and “perfecting” (making it as clean as possible within reason) the UI instead and leaving the creation of the main gameplay till Sunday. I also built a way to import CSV levels created by the level builder I built on Friday.

On Sunday, instead of doing the planned starting and finishing the whole creation of the second game I was assigned, “SpaceRace”, I spent the day creating the main gameplay and completing the game loop for Splop!. I apologises to the SpaceRace Designers for not getting their game done today, but luckily they had faith in me that I could still do it and trust in me that I wouldn’t do a half-assed job of it and instructed me to not worry if I don’t get everything done that was discussed between us for the Alpha as they didn’t want me overworking myself (haha, like that wasn’t going to happen), but to do the best job at completing the most that I could possible achieve. I was feeling fine about it as my plan was to spend a day doing each game as said earlier, but since it was on Monday that I would be creating their game, there would be no time to work on single bugs for too long.

On Monday, I woke up two hours earlier and spent till 5am creating what was essentially 80-85% of the Alpha for SpaceRace. I therefore got 3 hours sleep before class on Tuesday, but I had a good game loop and reasonably balanced gameplay so that you wouldn’t die within a few seconds but also wouldn’t spend too long alive. There were a few minor things I did not have time to implement in the day spent making the game, and one whole system as well, but I was very happy with how much I had achieved over the day and the whole weekend combined! I do feel bad about spending essentially 3 days on the first game and 1 day on this one, but it was good that I completed the first game to the level that it was, as I could spend this current weekend polishing up and implementing the final things into SpaceRace.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.