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In class on Tuesday, we were informed that we would not be learning anything new today and that we should focus on finishing up everything we have done over the past two weeks – which was surprisingly a lot – but luckily I kept up with most of it. I only had a few bugs to fix in my Breakout game and I also ported over the Object Pooling system over to the game, integrating the bricks into it. I also needed to add support for multiple levels, but did not have enough time in class to start this.

For the first half of Wednesday, we listened to the Designer’s pitches for their games and asked all the technical questions we had about systems in their games and how they work etc. After our dinner break, the Programmers reformed at the back of the room and Anthony went through with us a method of giving the Designer groups each a repo but for the Programmers to control a part of their repo so that we can push system scripts that we make for their games, to them without them being able to push their changes back to us. It sounded complicated at first, but after a while we figured out that we are able to nest repos inside each other so we created a way to do such things as explained. Anthony also went through with us explaining what we are expected to handle as Programmers in this project. We are in-charge of releasing the Designer games to the Google Play Store as well as managing their repos as previously stated, and creating some of their systems which can be modularised so we create it once and give it to all groups and it should in theory just work, if not, only needing minor changes to specify it to each game.

Over the weekend I implemented another two levels into my Breakout clone. I also spent an hour and a half trying to break all the things I could and discovered another few bugs that were hiding in the shadows some of which were slightly game-breaking, most bugs came from stuff related to the integration of the Object Pool system. I fixed about a third of these bugs but I had to move onto other things I needed to do this weekend that were not related to Studio 3, so I will fix them up during the week, hopefully finishing bug fixing at the very latest by Tuesday, 9 days from now as we need to focus on the Designer’s games starting this week.

I would assume we are going to start making these modularised systems in class this week, I hope we didn’t need to start them over the weekend because I have checked with the other Programmers and none of us have started on any systems.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.