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Well, it is officially the last Studio Unit this trimester, and the second-last trimester of this course. The end is coming up really fast, with just over 7 months to go, just 25 more uni weeks. We started off Tuesday’s lesson going over what is going to happen and what is to be accomplished by the end of the trimester. We are going to be working in C# for the whole trimester, learning many C# concepts that we have either not touched on before, or only slightly touched on back in Scripting 1. We are going to be using Unity, but the type of scripts we will be writing will be more pure C# based, and not so much Unity C# based. I really do like this method, as Unity simplifies a lot of the logic by providing you with built-in methods and classes so that making Unity games can be much simpler and be done much faster.

Tuesday’s lesson involved a lot of remembering the C# environment, including how inheritance and polymorphism works in an Object Oriented language. I did a bit of C++ over the holidays, but no Unity / C#. We haven’t touched the purer form of C# since Scripting 1, so there was also a bit more complex C# concepts covered on Tuesday.

We set out to create simple movement scripts that use inheritance based on a description of scripts (not class diagrams) on a brief that was provided to us. It took us a little while to get the hang of things again in C#, but once we practised a bit, we were on a roll!

Thursday’s class was spent creating an Event System which would detect keypresses and if the key pressed was in a list of keys preset, a message would display on the screen saying you pressed the key. Now that sounds reasonably simplistic, but the only way I have done such a thing before was through Unity’s C# syntax, very easy compared to the purer C# way we did it. I had never used a C# dictionary before and had never ever heard of a delegate before Thursday’s lesson, so that was very interesting to play with.

We were given UML Class Diagrams to go by creating the scripts needed for the Event System. We had all created Class Diagrams in the past, but I can’t remember creating scripts based off one before, maybe in Programming 1, but that was too long ago to be 100% sure.

For homework over the weekend, we were given the task of adding a shooting system to our moveable players, also adding a point-and-click movement option, and then use this generic event system to display on screen when the player’s character is at the clicked location.

I am going to be trying to achieve blog sizes of around 500 words instead of 1000 words as I heavily stated in my final presentation last trimester, I should improve on this, I would spend too much time writing blogs, therefore having to schedule less time to do other work in the Studio module. It basically took 3/4 of a day to write a blog, leaving a 1/4 of a day to do other Studio work, not very good for the amount of work increase I expect will come this trimester as more will be expected of us as this is our last Studio unit.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.