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Sorry this blog is two days late, I was very busy on the weekend so I didn’t get to make last week’s Weekly Roundup on Sunday.

The Designer teams never came to me with more things I could help with for their games, so I did what I said I would do and worked on my CIU assessment over the weekend.

On Monday we just worked on getting the Designer’s games sorted for Wednesday, we had an external playtest just to get some final feedback before the Designers did a final push on Tuesday, for Wednesday.

Wednesday was the big day, the exhibition was upon us. We went to Fortitude Valley, taking the bus to a gallery called “This Must Be The Place”, or at least that is the name we were told it was called. Weird name, I know. We set up from 2 for a couple of hours, also eating in that time, as it was to start at 5 and end at 8. A lot of cool games were shown off, from Studio 1, 2, 3, final project, and also two games which were from past students, which were getting some great recognition online. A lot of people turned up, I would say in the 3 hours it was on for, a total of 80 people came and played our games. Sure, most were parents, siblings or friends, but some really cool industry professionals also came along and gave their much appreciated feedback. Overall it was a really good experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I got to see a lot of great games from fellow games students.

Now since I am writing this on the Tuesday, I should really update you on what happened yesterday. Yesterday was spent focussing on LOs (Learning Objectives). The Designers had one-on-one chats with Brendan (their facilitator, just like Greg is the Programming facilitator), whereas us Programmers went up the front where Greg was teaching us about spatial partitioning, so that we can finally complete this LO over the next few days as we implement it into something. That something will be a framework Greg has kindly created for us, we have to improve the time in which a multiple circle drawing program completes its computation time. Greg showed an example of how we could achieve it through grid separations, which cut the time down from 4.4 seconds, to 0.4 seconds. Amazing!

Out of the 25 LOs the Programmers are supposed to complete by this Friday (end of the trimester), I have done 15, whereas both Eli and Ryan have only completed 12 *evil laugh*. Hopefully the scheduling tool I created, can count for both the project management solution and the following of the project management solution LOs, as that would put me down to only having to do another 8 LOs. Today I hope to achieve the completion of another 4 LOs, hopefully putting the number left to just 4, which I could then hopefully achieve in the 6-hour class tomorrow.

This may be the final Weekly Roundup I write for this trimester, since I have just explained what I am going to do for the rest of the week, and two blogs will pop up under week 13’s name instead, one going over what I have achieved in teams this trimester, and another going over what I have achieved as a Programmer this trimester.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.