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Another week, another blog post. This week was a bit more chillaxed for me, I am ahead of the other Programmers LO-wise, and I have helped with the Designers, all that they have asked me to help them.

On Monday I helped the Doggo team implement Fungus into their game as a nice-looking narrative / text box solution. This allowed me to apply what I had learnt last weekend to a game, solidifying what cool things are possible with the Fungus addon for Unity.

On Wednesday, I was introduced to Mixamo, a website from Adobe that allows you to put a 3D model into the site and it will make a rig from it and you can apply many vast animations to it to then download and use in, I suppose, animations, but also it will work in the games that the Designers make. We made pool tables and dogs and Pikachu do many weird moves like twerking and the macarena, it was a bit of fun but allowed me to see the limitations of the program and ways to work around it for models that are not humans in a T-pose.

Also on Wednesday, I fixed the Boids all being rotated the same way as each other when spawned in, and also fixed the Boids not facing vector direction forward (had to add 90 degrees (or radians, can’t remember) to the formula).

I want to add in vector fields so that the Boids do not fly into each other in the Flocking simulation program, Greg told me that we will be learning about spatial partitioning this week coming, so maybe I can use that instead of vector fields.

I was unable to do anything on Friday due to being at the Ekka all day, but this means that I will have Wednesday off as well as the usual Friday-Sunday to help the Designers finish up their games as Wednesday is the public Ekka holiday for Brisbane. I don’t know if the Doggo team still wants me to do ragdoll physics on their dog, I kind of need their model to do it… If they do give me the model, I will work on it on Tuesday and Wednesday in between helping other groups if they have asked for it.

I worked on the scheduling / GANTT chart spreadsheet tool which I made for the Doggo team last week. I have one more thing to fix and one more feature to add, which I can do Tuesday or Wednesday, then I will be fully happy  with it and will ask Greg to tick the tool development LO off.

Another week, another blog post… done.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.