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This week went by really fast, it was a weird weekend as well. I ended up deciding to go for an opened approach for this brief, helping two teams in the production of their games. Both teams are happy with the arrangement, and I have also approached another team to hit me up if they need any assistance with their game also; I am happy to help with other teams as long as it is small-ish stuff.

On both Monday and Wednesday’s classes, we worked on the games the whole time, I can definitely see the potential for all teams to have great quality short games by Wednesday of week 12, exhibition day.

This maybe isn’t quite related enough to Games, but it is related to what happened, in class, during the week; we ordered pizza to be delivered to campus on Wednesday. It was so great! Seven people, six pizzas, and at the end of the day, I ended up with the leftovers and my family and I had the rest for dinner! Okay, maybe that much information isn’t appropriate for this blog, but it is said and done, nothing I can do about changing it now.

When it came to the weekend, on Friday, I completed the creation/formation/development of a scheduling tool which I made for one of the teams I am helping. It’s pretty cool, and they are happy with it. I am also very happy with the result, it is easy to use, simplistic in design, and serves as a great tool to help with scheduling the whole project. The tool was developed on Google Sheets and has many complex formulas to handle, among many things, automatic GANTT creation and summing names for each section.

On Saturday, I went to the doctors. I got a CT brain scan, an X-ray on my neck, and 3 blood tests done. I felt pretty terrible the rest of the day because of these, and so I was not able to do any uni work for the rest of the day.

I got half of what I wanted to do, on Sunday, done. I played around with the Fungus library, getting to know it pretty much inside-out. Fungus is a rather fun Unity addon to use for narration and interaction, along with pure narration (text boxes, character images, etc), it can also handle related matters such as screen shake, audio, movement of characters after interaction, etc. What I didn’t get to do this weekend, was working out a ragdoll system for the other team’s game. I did not have access to their repo and couldn’t contact them Saturday night or all day Sunday. This was a little unfortunate, but it gave me more time to work with Fungus, and I think that definitely benefitted me a lot, as I am tempted to use it for my CIU assessment as well.

Alright, that is all you are getting out of me for another week. These blogs, I predict, will be shorter than the first half of the trimesters, as we will just be working on these games till week 12 (3 more weeks), but I will try to explain what is going on each week in as much related detail as possible (and maybe some non-related details as well, like the pizza story of this blog 🙂 ).

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.