Blog 7

Weekly Roundup –

Wow this Studio unit is going by fast. There are only five more weeks until it’s all over for the trimester. It is going to be a very busy 5 weeks, with starting on the games we will be doing with the Designers, and LOs needing to be completed, it will go by even faster now that we are even busier.

As I predicted, the Designers pitched their game ideas to us on Monday, each team had to pitch 2 games and with the audience’s feedback, they were to cut one idea and refine it, to pitch to more people on Wednesday, including us Programmers again. I don’t know which team to join, it is between two. The problem is, for both, I am really interested in both games’ mechanics, as for both, I have never done such mechanics. I’ve already been asked by one of the groups if I can implement a ragdoll-physics system for them and maybe do cloth physics for clothes on a clothesline. The other team’s game is a bit text-adventure-y, and I have always wanted to make such a game. Maybe I can help on both? Not be tied down to just one group? I am quite happy to do so, as long as both teams know and are happy with such an arrangement, and it would also rely on both teams not overloading me with stuff to do, but I think what both teams would want me to do, would be achievable if I did both.

I ran into a tiny bit of trouble on Tuesday working on my Flocking system, but Greg informed me on Wednesday that I was looping over a copy of Boids, not the actual Boids, because I wasn’t using the address-of operator (&) in front of my boid variable in the range-based for loop I was using. (** for (Boid &boids : boid) **).

I also did my KPI meeting on Wednesday. I did not realise that both other Programmers had done theirs on Wednesday last week, I thought it was just Eli that had done his. This was perfectly fine though, as Greg and I were gone for a good hour and a half, we had a lot to talk about as I had written in much more detail than the other two for my KPI form. If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you may remember how last trimester I wrote 10,000 words total for the 10 KPI question, well this time I cut it to 1/5 the size, to 2000 words total. Apparently that was still a lot longer than the others, by 4x!! I do not know how you could write about yourself enough to answer the questions in less words.

On Friday, I put in the three behaviours of my Flocking system, I think I may have done the formulas slightly wrong though, as the Boids are acting quite weird on all three behaviours. I also need to ask how to do vector fields, as my Boids like going inside each other. I kind of remember how to do them, but from what I can see, there is no powerpoint uploaded onto our unit’s Google Drive that lists how to achieve one.

Both Saturday and Sunday I worked on CIU, so I didn’t do anything else Studio 2-based for the past 2 days. We shall be starting on the games this week, so wish me luck for the situation of who’s game to help with!

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.