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This week started out great and progressively became worse. We did our final KillBots tournament (finally). We all pretty much had fully functional bots by this stage, with each of us only having a minor problem in the end, but none that would affect the outcome of the competition hopefully. The first bots to verse were Eli’s and Ryan’s, with Eli winning 21-0. Next was Ryan and I’s bots, with me winning 21-0. Lastly it was down to the two winners, Eli and I. The results were 13-7 (with 1 timeout), with my bot getting the 13. I won again! I felt bad for Eli though, as we then did a 100-round tournament, and Eli’s bot won 53-48, and we tried a few times and it was very similar results. The thing is his bot was consistently winning rounds, but I would get a streak of 6 or so which would put me near him again, sometimes passing him, but then his bot would catch up and pass me again. It was just down to luck that I had one of those streaks when we did the qualifying competition with 21 rounds.

We were back with the Designers on Wednesday. Not much really happened during the class on Wednesday, we playtested the Studio 1 board games and the Designers got their brief for the final game which we will be included in the production of. The Designers will be pitching their games to us on either Monday or Wednesday this week coming, and I assume we will get to choose who we work with based on the games they pitched. The Programmers will be with the Designers in class, on only Wednesdays for a couple of weeks, as us Programmers still have a couple of lessons to go by ourselves, but after those few weeks, we will be with the Designers for both Monday and Wednesday’s lessons.

On Wednesday we were supposed to have our KPI / TSA meetings as Study Week is the week of KPIs for Studio participants. Half the Designers did their meetings, but as far as I am aware, none of the Programmers did, although Greg and Eli were gone for the last hour or so and I didn’t see them at all after class, so maybe Eli did his KPI meeting.

As it was ‘Study Week’ this week, there was no CIU class, so I had Thursday off as well as the usual Friday-Sunday, but I feel like I have achieved hardly anything. I tried to do a Flocking system on Thursday, but ran into a problem with spawning in many Boids, so I emailed Greg that night and on Friday rewrote a small amount of what I had written on Thursday, to get many Boids appearing on screen. I then ran into another problem on Friday with the Flocking system, which I have now half-fixed and haven’t touched again due to a hell of a weekend (from Friday about 4:30pm to Sunday about 4:30pm).

The Internet has been mischievous for this amount of time, and on Saturday I made plans with my friend that I haven’t seen in a year, to go to a movie but he has always been unreliable and did not turn up, wasting my whole day. Today (Sunday) I half-fixed the internet, but the router is still making a high-pitched noise and is irritating me as I write this.

I have been a bit depressed and saddened this weekend due to all the above mentioned happenings, so I am not in the best state of mind right now and can’t be bothered to do anything, so I am sorry this blog has turned into a bit of a one-way conversation, I am trying to keep it on topic. Out of the four things I had planned for this weekend (one per day), I have achieved 10% of the Flocking system, and this blog completed. I feel terrible, but will try very hard this week coming, to do a lot of what I didn’t get done this weekend. I am just annoyed at myself but at the same time, I know it mostly isn’t my fault.

I hope I feel better by this time next weekend, when I write the next blog post, as I hope I have achieved what I wanted to achieve this weekend by then. I am just lucky I don’t leave stuff till the last minute, and the earliest due item I wanted to get done this weekend, is in Week 11, or I quite frankly would have been fucked.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.