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Welcome back to my Weekly Roundup blogs, I have moved on from GPG210 (Studio 1) and am now onto GPG211 (Studio 2). Week one, Monday, was very much an introduction to the class, going over what we need to do to pass this module and what we should expect to be learning over the course of the trimester. I am very excited, what we will be learning is a lot of different programming tasks, from AI to Tools Development, but there is also a lot more in between.

As with Studio 1, we have LOs (Learning Outcomes) which we must complete to a satisfactory level so that we can get at least a pass overall, and whatever we do on top of these LOs, as extra, we will be eligible for a higher mark overall. I have shown you some of the systems below, that I am especially enthused about, which we must implement in order to pass LOs. I have also stated how many different LOs are covered by the subjects:

Intermediate AI (3 LOs)
  • Crowd and group behaviour
  • Strategic vs. Tactical AI
  • Agents
  • Movement, wandering, avoidance, leading fire
  • Goal oriented planning systems
  • Pathfinding
  • Overview of broader AI and its use for problem-solving
Intermediate development skillset (2 LOs)
  • Particle systems
  • Intermediate animations
  • Bones, skinning, morphs, keyframe interpolation, forward- and inverse-kinematics
  • 2D and 3D audio

The different LOs we must meet seem daunting, but we were given examples of different ways we can achieve them, they sound fun and I am definitely up for the challenge.

Also on Monday’s class, we were introduced to our first assessment, KillBots. Basically we are going to be learning different AI concepts, including navigation / pathfinding / movement tactics and prediction methods, and will program, in C++, from a framework that is provided, a KillBot of our own to verse other classmate’s KillBots, to see who will be victorious, all in the attempt to learn and master these different concepts of AI. These KillBots are virtual warriors in an arena, and will fight in two phases. The first phase is in an open arena, a free-for-all, and will be held on Wednesday of Week 3. The second phase is technically the same, except we have a maze in the way of each other and must navigate through the maze in order to find our foes.

When it came what we did on Wednesday’s class, it was slightly more technical. We still worked on our bots a bit, learning how we can make them better, but we also worked on Vector math, learning the different methods to handle multiple vectors. We also worked on some C++ concepts in Visual Studio, in the attempt to remember C++ syntax that we haven’t used in 15 weeks. I did remember quite a bit before class, but wow, after class on Wednesday, a lot came back to me that I almost forgot. I was planning on working on a project in C++ over the holidays, but, you know, sometimes when it comes to holidays, you just have to ‘go with the flow’, which meant other things were worked on, especially in JavaScript and a bit in C#.

This weekend, the plan is to do the bulk of my bot, so that on Monday, any questions which I have, can be answered as soon as possible, so my bot can hopefully be victorious!

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.