The Programmer

The Programmer –

It is the second-last week of my first Studio Unit at SAE Brisbane. I have learnt a large amount of stuff related to Games Development this trimester, including starting and completing my first board game, which was really cool! More related to my major though, I have learnt more advanced scripting concepts, one of them being custom inspectors. I still don’t understand how some people can make full-on arcade classics via custom inspectors in Unity, but I am definitely going to research that more these holidays. I am always discovering new scripting methods and behaviours and trying them out in my scripts in the games I make, but as I have stated previously, I do not believe Games Programming is what I will be doing the rest of my life.

I have not honed in on one specific job title I want to have, all I know is I love helping people and I want to do it via programming. I have stated in my Career Choice 2.0 blog that I am interested in Tools Development, so that I can make custom tools that help artists, animators, even possibly games designers, with the work that they do, making it easier for them to do the work and to allow them to have a more personalised/direct experience/interface for when and what they work on.

After this course, I am still interested in doing a Web and Mobile course and a Software Engineering, possibly a Computer Engineering course, but I need to brush up on Software Development a bit more before deciding that for sure, as I have only done 1 trimester of a real programming language, C++.

I have played around with creating a couple of tools this trimester. I have made a schedule/GANTT sheet in Google Sheets, but that has a lot of work still needed to be done to it to make it usable by others. I have also created a Google Sheet for keeping track of the hours I do a week at uni, and that has a few cool extra features. I started off creating this second Sheet as a fun project that gave me more information than the Charts Sheet the facilitators gave us, but after a while of developing it, I realised that this Sheet was helping me more than I initially thought it would. I started to realise this Sheet had major potential for helping other students keep track of their progress to more of a degree than we are given by default. I started to develop this Google Sheet to be friendly enough to be used by anyone who is required to Task Report at SAE. It is fully automated after you enter the URL to the Charts Sheet that your Facilitator provides you with. I don’t know how similar it is for Studio 2 and 3 of the course, or if any other disciplines have a similar task reporting structure, but it would be nice to see this sheet used by future Studio 1 students in the Games Development course, if not for other SAE disciplines as well, in Studio 1 – Studio 3.

Next trimester I want to make more tools, to help others in their game-making adventures, and will be able to hopefully move outside of Google Sheets as we should be doing more C++ next trimester.

I am ecstatic when writing this as I have been making batch files since early high school. I remember one batch file in specific where it gave people a basic interface where everything they needed was, including opening their preferred web browser, a new word document, and even their top three preferred folders (the Games folder and Music folder were popular ones, folders that should never be opened during school, haha). There was another one that automatically logged them onto the school server if they turned their computers on whilst they were at school.

This will be slightly off topic, but in my final year at school, after a couple of years of trying to bypass the school’s proxy server, I finally found a way around it, creating a website that uses NodeJS and PHP to bypass the compatibility check with the proxy rules. I was one of three students that created an app for the school, and we were given access permissions to the school’s database and servers that the app would access, because all three of us were trustworthy students, and with the permissions, I was able to finally create that website. I disclosed the website to the school at the end of the year, only a few students knew about it, the ones I trusted to keep it a secret for the half a year it was up, and as far as I know, no illegal activities were carried out.

I also have a GreasyFork account, where I host quite a few UserScripts that I have created and maintained over the years, here is my GreasyFork page, go check it out if you would like!

To conclude, I have been a ‘script kiddie’ since my early highschool years and enjoy helping people out through different scripts I make. I hope that I can continue helping people through code, making their working lives easier through the many customised tools I hope to create for them.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.