Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup – https://goo.gl/1noM1q


Jake was out for the day, so I worked on updating the schedule / GANTT chart Google Sheet. I know I said in an earlier blog post, that I wouldn’t work on the Schedule till the holidays, but I figured out a solution to a few problems I was having with the reliability of the Sheet.

I made each section have a set amount of rows to it, being 11 (10 elements and 1 space). Setting this standard size of a section set the base for fixing a couple of issues I have found with the sheet in the last few weeks. This standard section size meant that a bug in the percentage calculation was fixed, that had confused me for a while. The “Duration”, “Who’s Doin’ It”, and “% Complete” formulas now do not need to be changed due to the sections having a static length. I also shortened the Auto-GANTT formula quite a bit and made it so that it isn’t in need of updating when a new section name is added. I solved this by again, with the help of a constant section length, and using the current row number – 4 mod 12 and checking if it equals 0. “MOD(ROW() – 4, 12) = 0”.

When Jake got home, I asked him to add the Art / Audio Bible scheduling to see how he felt using it and if he found any problems, and he pointed out that I missed one formula correction on the auto-date min and max detection. Another problem arose when Jake put more than 10 elements in a single section, all my formulas kinda broke because they were set to 10 elements per section, so I made it 20 elements per section and changed the formulas, and all was good again.

I had to also extend down the area the GANTT would create in, as the 20 elements per section was cutting it fine for all the sections we had so far, and more need to be added in the future, so instead of going to 200 down, it now goes down to 1000 down, just to be safe!

Fixed the “Who’s Doin’ It” formula, where if it was only one person’s name, it would still say “All” not “Jake” (tested with Jake’s name).

Finishing Off Unfinished Documentation

I also worked on finishing the GDD by writing the other half of the sections that I was assigned I worked on and completed the Skill Atoms, Mechanics and Tutorial sections.

Jake asked me to add a Colour Palette to the LDD, so I also did that.


On Tuesday, we both worked on the TDD. We were told that the TDD would take longer than the GDD to do, so we assigned the whole day to it. It took 3.5 hours to do, when I estimated it would take 5-6 hours. We hope that we filled all sections in appropriately, but we also feel that it shouldn’t have been that easily completed, so a few questions may need to be asked to make sure we did it all, and correctly.

More Blogs

On Friday and Saturday, a blog each day was completed. Friday’s blog was a comparison between the first playtest and the final playtest of Ludus Magnus. It was really interesting to look back and really see how far we had come in the four weeks we worked on that project. We had improved the idea by twenty-fold at least!

Saturday’s blog was summing up what happened in week 8, in the Weekly Roundup.

That’s it for this week, next week will be a lot of scripting and making the game before our Milestone on Tuesday.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.