Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup – http://goo.gl/KOoBsq

I finally had time last weekend to catch up on blogs from previous weeks, as we did not have a project to work on. I did seven blogs last Sunday (going into Monday morning), which even impressed me. Five of the seven blogs were Weekly Roundups, the other two were the Post Mortem for the first project, and an update on Career Choices, stating what I want from this course.

The new project brief was given to us on Monday and like previous projects, they have given us limitations to follow, this project the limitations are as follows:

  • The player must feel a sense of discovery and progress.

  • The game must use the core mechanic provided to your team, and this mechanic must drive the player’s progress.
    • We were given the Explorer player type and were instructed to pick another player type which we must satisfy in our game play. Jake and I (my group member) chose to do Collector as the second player type to satisfy.
    • Our core mechanic, or core verb that Jake and I were given, was Adapt.
  • The player character cannot be a human or humanoid.

  • The game must be designed to be played 10 minutes at a time.

  • The game must be in 3D.

  • Art assets in the game must conform to the size ratio 1:3:7.

  • The game’s music must utilise a featured instrument that matches the theme/tone/setting of the game.

  • There must be two different tracks of music, these should play in response to what the player is currently doing/experiencing
    • If composed, these two tracks must be in relative keys.

As with the previous project, we will pitch to collaborator, this project it will be to both animator and audio students. Also as with previous projects, the pitch is two days after the day the brief is given to us, so the pitch was on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Jake and I (Jake being my group member) started and completed the HCD. Jake’s LOs were a lot lower than mine for the HCD component, so I just helped out in sections where he needed help, and went over it all, refining it and commenting on it later, after he completed it. We also created the pitch slides and speech on Tuesday for the pitch on Wednesday.

The pitch went very well, I definitely did a lot better than all previous pitches I have done for this Studio module. I don’t really understand how, but I did and it felt great!

On Thursday night and into Friday morning, I did another three blogs from the week 8 lot of blogs. The Post Mortem was first as I wanted to have last project fresh in my mind this time, not like the first Post mortem, writing it four weeks, and plenty of hour working on last project, later. The other two blogs talked about the App Companion and ‘What am I better at now?’, two very important blogs that focus on reflecting how I am better now and what I can do that I couldn’t do previously.

On Friday, Jake was busy at work till 5pm, so I took the opportunity to work on my ‘Time Owning to ‘Keeping Track of Hours Owed’ Google Sheet, to fix a few bugs I knew I had but didn’t have time to fix last project or on the weekend. I also added a new feature that shows the user the average of estimates to actual time taken per week, in addition to the over all weeks feature I implemented a while ago. This is going to be especially helpful, to see if I am improving over the weeks with my estimates, so far it looks like I am sometimes but then I get bad again. When Jake got home, we worked on the GDD together. He finished all his sections including the ones I was involved in, but I only finished 2 of my 5 sections, the others I will do another day, soon.

I worked on and completed the Glossary and Controls sections by myself. With Jake, we started and completed the Narrative, Objects – Interactions, and Feedback Layers sections.

Saturday was Level Design Document day. Jake was in charge of drawing the zones (levels). After Jake had drawn up the three zones and placed markers where the cars will be placed, I took the images and removed the cars and added markers for where the firmware will be placed. I ran into a hell of a lot of problems trying to add X’s to an image, stuff I had done before. Firstly, the images wouldn’t open in Photoshop because Photoshop couldn’t recognise what a PNG was, then when they did, I couldn’t edit them, so I loaded up my Windows VM to load the images into Paint but apparently I don’t have Paint on my VM? So I attempted to downloaded Paint.NET, but it kept failing to download in Chrome, so I had to use Edge, which when downloading, was at 100% for 15 minutes. Eventually, when it finished downloading, I was able to actually do it all in Paint.Net. It turned out that the X’s were too bright and you could hardly see them on the LDD, so I had to go over them in a darker blue, but it still looks kinda bright. Yes, a lot of effort for such a little thing.

After all that dilemma, Jake had finished off most of the LDD, so I was left to do the descriptions for the second and third zones.

After the LDD was done, Jake and I worked on the Art / Audio Bible. We were told that this will take a while to do, but I expected that it wouldn’t take more than an hour and a half. It took 4.25 hours, I knew I should have listened, but we got it done anyway.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.