Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup – http://goo.gl/ENTXjn

The App Companion

After I received Gareth’s updated version of the App Companion, with the Values sliders and the content added to the menus, I worked on final touches before the final playtest on Wednesday.

Gareth had created the Value sliders but was not able to put them as a child of the Values menu, without the sliders not sliding anymore. I solved this by having them be separate to the Values menu, not as children, and then just deactivating and activating them when the Values menu was clicked.

The Values / Excitement Tracker Page
The actual background of the slider was changed, not being so… white. The sliders now fit into the theme more. Titles were added above the sliders so the players know what value is what.

After the internal playtest on Monday, we realised that the Emperor having to keep track of the Gladiator’s health was just a little annoying and not necessary, so I deleted the Gladiator Health sliders from the Values menu, and put them on the board instead. Now that there is only one value that needs to be kept track of in the app, I renamed the Values section to ‘Excitement Tracker’.

I realised that the Excitement Tracker could now look much better as it can have it’s own unique theme due to the Gladiator Healths not holding it back from expressing itself. I added a wreath to the slider and recoloured it a bit, also moving it up on the menu more, as centralised things are beautiful things. Also made the Excitement slider scrollbar with the mouse wheel, fitting into the rest of the scrollable elements on the app.

The Setup Menu
The Setup page padding was way too big, showing white space on the top and the bottom of the Setup menu, this was fixed by setting the dimensions to use as a public variable, as the Setup menu was using the same dimensions as the Rules menu content in the calculation of scrolling. Also changed the Setup content scroll speed to match all other content scroll-speeds. It was due to the same underlying cause,  the Setup menu was relying on the Rules menu dimensions.

Bug Fixes
When on a Rule sub-menu, if the content is scrolled behind a button, the button was not clickable. I solved this by changing the Rules parent to Z of 20 and the children to Z of 0.

There was a NullReferenceException occurring when scrolling, when not on a scrollable page. This was solved by checking for a scrollable page in an IF statement (real simple fix).

The Rules sub-menu content would scroll behind other sub-menu and Main Menu buttons, this was very ugly and needed to be changed. I just made custom background overlays that would sit buttons but above the Rules sub-menu content, and had a cut-out for the content to show. This allowed for a hiding the scrolled content under this overlay if it was outside the strict area we wanted the content to be seen.

Starting to Catch Up on Blogs!

Finished Week 2’s Weekly Roundup blog in the attempt to catch up on blogs as we do not currently have a project to work on. I should get most done. My aim is to be up to this week’s blogs by the end of the weekend. That is eight blogs, at an average of 2.5 hours each estimated, that is 20 hours of blogs…. Woo…

Well, that is it for this week, expect a lot of blogs to be done by this time next week, there should be eight of them.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.