Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup – http://goo.gl/GQgBr9

What have I done this week?

Starting on the Next Project

Last week on Wednesday, we were assigned to groups for our next project, a board game with varying limitations which are as follows:

  • The game must be designed as a 3 player game. It can be cooperative or competitive.
  • Each player must control no more than one token/avatar.
  • It must take approximately 20mins for the players to complete a game the first time that they play.
  • Stakes or intensity must increase over the course of the game.
  • The companion app must include, at a minimum;
    • Setup instructions.
    • Reference rules.
  • Game must still be playable with only one app device and with only one player using the companion app.
  • Each team will be given a unique map type and randomisation type that will form the basis of their design.

Our team’s unique map type is a two-dimensional area/node based map and the assigned randomisation type is 2 dice of different kinds.

Yes, you read it right, an app for the board game. This Companion App must feature at least set up instructions, rules and a reference guide. There may be extras that we add, so far, we would probably add Gladiator health values so that they can be kept track of.

What to do in the Meantime

From late last Saturday night to the early hours of the morning last Sunday, there was nothing to work on as later that day was the first group Skype meeting, so had time to spare before I went to bed, so I did one blog and worked on a new Side Project, a YouTube script fancying-up the like/dislike buttons.

Preparation for the Pitch

A lot of work went into preparation for the pitch on Wednesday. Sunday was a big brain dump of ideas. Firstly, we discussed some team names and voted on the final name coming up with Do or Dice in the end (I know, smart, eh?). We then summed up a lot of different ideas and we then picked the best one and went with it, creating a solid base for game concepts so that we had good content and could explain our game idea well when pitching to the rest of the class. Alpha versions of the documentation were created, with enough content that a pitch could be formed off of them. The formation of the pitch was then carried out after this solid base pretty much filled all necessary components that the pitch would need to cover. The final task done on Sunday was creating the Do or Dice logo, that was fun to make and looks great!

Do or Dice Logo

Do or Dice Logo – Final Decision

On Monday and Tuesday nights, there was a lot of refining of the mechanics and dynamics, all to better the game idea and eventually end up at a solid-enough idea that was pitchable. Most of our underlying concepts for the game stayed but we had to re-write our pitch anyway. A lot of our mechanics and dynamics had changed, totally changing how our game worked, so we had to scrap most of the content in our current pitch as it would not have made sense now that so many changes had been done to the game’s concept.

The Pitch

When it came to Wednesday, the pitch was presented, and as always, I failed a little bit at keeping a good flow during my part of the pitch, but overall, the pitch went great. There was only one tinsy, little problem. It turns out, even though we had no influence on each other, and we all had nine different game ideas we had to choose from, from the many that we could come up with in our groups, every pitch was about Gladiators in some way or another. It was kinda funny, but it also meant that we all felt bad for pitching the same type of game ideas, but apparently our group didn’t feel bad enough, as so far, we have stuck with the Gladiator-themed board game idea. I do hope that the other groups have changed their ideas though.

To End Off the Week

This Saturday, I spent a couple of hours working on a new Side Project that will help with keeping track of hours owing to Studio 1 and all other Studio Units in the future. This was initially made just for me, but then I realised that hey, why not make it possible for other people to use it as well! So I did exactly that, anyone can use it if they would like, I have found it very helpful so far and have planned some nice additions to make it even more helpful in the future, when time permits.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.