Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup – http://goo.gl/xM24wa

What have I done this week?

Schedule / GANTT Chart

Throughout the week, there were three time periods where I set myself some time to work on the Schedule / GANTT chart for the project. The first period of time was on Sunday. I moved my GANTT Chart sheet from Project 1 over to the current project and added to and modified some of the automation to be able to use it in a team project (from individual project). Then on Tuesday, I changed the GANTT chart portion of the sheet to check and show the current date visually, and added a different colour for a cell to be filled with, for tasks that are at 100% completion. Lastly, on Wednesday, I added to the Schedule portion of the sheet by adding the overall percentage of completion of each section of tasks, just to make it more clear how far off from completion a whole section was.

Programmer-Specific Tasks

Last week, the programmers in the class were set with the task of researching, creating and pushing some scripts to a set repo, that can in the near future, be used by games designers at SAE Brisbane (and programmers if need be). These scripts include simple scripting tasks that are repeatedly written every project but may be slightly modified every time. Such scripts as different methods of character movement, timers and countdowns, audio managers and high score table scripts. Out of all the different brainstormed scripts that need to be created, I chose to research and create all different types of movement scripts including mouse movement, mouse movement with lerping, keyboard and controller, and move to clicked position. I also elected to do the same for a countdown/timer script and a singleton script.


Script Research:
    • Player Movement: Follow Mouse directly and by lerping, Move to click, Keyboard/Controller movement.
Script Creation:
    • Created the Follow Mouse Directly script (there was none that worked 100%, grabbed one script, smooched it with a script I made, then simplified.
    • The Singleton script that I had previously used (One that was provided by James Bowling) was given a description and an Instructions document was created for it.
    • Created the Follow Mouse Lerping script (there was none that worked 100%, used the Follow Mouse Direct script that I created, and added lerping instead of direct movement. Also tested out a different rotation method.


Script Creation:
    • Created the Horizontal/Vertical Axis (Keyboard) movement script.
    • Fixed rotation in both mouse movement scripts, and added it to the Keyboard Movement script.
    • Move to Click position script was created. The “Click To Move” JavaScript on the Unity Wiki used raycasting to set the clicked coordinates, this was not needed.
    • Once again re-did the rotation, this time only for lerp-based movement scripts. transform. LookRotation() is now used instead of transform.Rotate(), as it looks way nicer and moulds in better with lerping. Also cleaned up how the mousePosition was used in all the different mouse movement scripts, there is now one universally used mousePosition method, instead of three.
    • Made a Countdown Timer script. It has a isActive bool, which counts down only if it is true. It also has a display Game Over Screen when the timer is at 0. It automatically creates OnGUI() text to display the timer, but this is an optional addition.

Additional Tasks Completed This Week

  • I helped tidy up previous concepts and ideas in HCD and cut down on the amount of weapons and classes there would be. Also streamlined the abilities of both the Emperor and the Gladiators.
  • From the feedback and discussion in class, we conceptualised some new ideas, improving the gameplay between the Emperor and the Gladiators substantially. There are now objectives that the Emperor and Gladiators have to achieve to win.
  • Later on, we noticed three big holes in the mechanics that needed immediate fixing. Mechanics now fit together much better, but a bit more re-jigging is needed.
  • Helped create a better node-based game boards. The previous version we had needed it’s size increased and also needed a little bit of a re-design as the Gladiators were not equal from health points.
  • Helping create and test a formula to balance card values (Attack, Defence, Excitement) for the Gladiators.
  • Discussed and wrote down the starting phase and main gameplay loop for the game.
  • Did the Industry Specific blog on Apple vs. FBI.
  • Added a section to the Keep Track of Task Reporting sheet, showing the percentage over or under the average of your task estimates to actual time taken. At time of creation, I was 32.408% over estimating on average, meaning that an hour task was estimated to take 79.44 minutes.

It was another long, tough, but very successful week. I got a lot done and over the whole group, we have made a lot of progress towards making an awesome board game that hopefully one day can be sold in stores 😉

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.