The Pitch – http://goo.gl/n5zKOI

‌The Bad

This week, a pitch was to be given on our game idea for Project 1 – Diegetic Declination. The pitch for my game, “The Indistinctive Path” went quite well. I was not happy with the logo for my title slide though, as it took 1.5 hours to make and it still looked pretty bad. As with all other (successful) pitches, I also had my transcript in my hands to read from. I believe everyone else did their pitches without paper in front of them. I really wish I could do that, but even after a lot of practice, I just can not retain all the information I would need to do a complete oral presentation, getting my message across fully.

‌The Good

Apart from those two components, the pitch received a lot of good feedback with only one probing question being given to me. The probing question stated that my storyline with you coming home from a party drunk, may be a little too much. It stated that trying to convey drunk-ness in the juicing to the game may make the mechanic of tracing through the path a little too hard. A wobbly screen would not be great.

‌Reflect and Improve

I also received some feedback suggesting that I may want to think about the light situation a bit more, as there could possibly be more thought put into it. I agree, motion-sensing street lights at the both ends of the street does sound a little out there. I will attempt to play around with this a bit and will attempt to come up with a better idea.

Next time I do a pitch, I will make sure to not spend so much time on a logo for the slides. One, the logo will most probably never be used elsewhere, and two, you do have better things to do, Daniel, like to refine and improve your game idea and to better your pitch delivery.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.