When the game firsts starts.

We are down to our final two weeks of this course and this week our second game was due. To be honest, I thought this was my last blog post and that these were due on Friday, but it was that the second game was due this Friday and we still have one more blog post to do for this assessment after this week.

So as I have stated, this week, I spent my time finishing my game, Dungeon of Doom TD. This project was super fun to make, I have always liked the Tower Defence genre and am glad my game has worked as perfectly as it has in the rushed time I had done it in.

The towers you can see are as follows:

  • Machine Gun – 2 gold: A single-shot, fast paced, fast reload weapons tower. Low damage, two towers can kill one enemy.
  • Shotgun – 5 gold: A dual-shot, mid-ranged, mid-damage weapon, my weapon of choice.
  • Rocket Launcher – 10 gold: A hexa-shot, large damage tower, kills enemies proficiently, slow reload.
  • Money Maker – 20 gold: For each instance of a Money Maker, you are given a gold every twenty seconds.
  • Defector – 20 gold: For every instance of a Defector, enemies spawn with one less health.


A frame for a play-through, around mid-game.

I did state earlier that the game was ‘perfect’. This is a misleading statement as no game is perfect, and I found two glitches I that I wasn’t aware of before submission since:

  • If many projectiles hit a last enemy, the wave count goes up quite a lot, missing the in-between waves. This probably could have been fixed really easily by implementing a better system for when to increase a wave, it is unfortunate that I didn’t have enough time to play-test this longer.
  • If you place too many Defectors, enough so that enemies spawn with 0 health, they obviously die on spawn, they don’t give gold though, but that isn’t much of a bonus as the game is unfinishable now.


You can see here the two glitches I am talking about.

This gave me a bit of stress as the assigned time to work on this assignment was this weekend and if not finished by then, Wednesday and Thursday next week. That shows you how much I still had planned to do. It just required me getting the bare minimum of two hours sleep a night for three nights to complete this on time.

If it wasn’t for me rushing and discarding the fact that it is important to push frequently to GitHub, I wouldn’t have had to re-do 5 hours of work half an hour before this assignment was due.

I do learn from my mistakes though, next time I am keeping an eye on when assignments are due, not going off the fact that most assignments are due in the last week of the trimester. I have also learnt that no matter how rushed something may be, always make sure you do regular check-ins to source control, because something is bound to happen when doing a rush job trying to get a good game in on time.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.