Week8 1

‘Whatcha Lookin’ At?’ A frame from the Idle animation.

After the Study Week last week, we came back well refreshed and started the second half off this trimester with the creation of with a state-driven Side-Scroller.

Week8 2

The Skeleton charging up for a killer blow.


We were provided with a player, an Undead Skeleton wielding a sword and wearing armour. We were also provided with many animations and were instructed to hook up the animations to different actions and for them to be state-driven, activate in a certain order.

Week8 3

Ouch, The wall felt that one!


If you were to jump and attack, the attacking animation would take a higher priority than the jumping animation. When walking, the jumping and attacking animations were to be of higher priority than the walking animation, and finally an idle animation was to be played when no other animation was playing.

There was an issue where if the player was in the middle of a jump, and the player tried to start walking, the walking animation would play forever, no matter what. To fix this, I had to only set the walking animation to play when grounded, a key was pressed and the player was not currently attacking.

Later I removed this check because it didn’t make sense that it didn’t work, and amazingly so, everything worked perfectly. I must have missed a semicolon or something similar, but to this day, it still doesn’t make sense why it didn’t work in the first place.

Week8 4

The jumping animation is actually the ‘skill’ animation.


We were also presented with the idea of allowing the camera to follow the player on the screen. We were shown a generic method of how to accomplish this, but I made it a challenge for myself to find the middle point of the sword element on the player model, so when the idle animation is playing, the camera sways a bit, when the attacking animation is occurring, the camera follows the sword backwards and up then down and swooshing forwards.

Week8 5

Don’t worry, skeleton’s can’t die from fall damage.


Next week, we will be working on an Enemy AI that chases the player when it gets in a certain buffer area and when the player is out of that zone, the enemy will patrol.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.