Week 6 4

An in-game view of the next couple of platforms.

We continued to work on the FPS game that we started making a couple of weeks earlier, this time adding in a different weapon and learning the basics of Unity Animation.

We were provided with animation files and a prefab for an AK-74U and were taught how to implement a new gun into the game. Little things like when firing, the muzzle fire must follow the gun if you move, so it is more realistic, and how to reload the weapon when the current magazine was at zero, activating the reload animation also when this occurred.

Week 6 5

The AK-74U prefab used.


I encountered a problem where the reload animation would not stop playing once it as activated once, and looking at the problem, it seemed simple to solve, but after a few moments getting my head around the issue, I realised that I had put the animation part before an all-important end bracket that ended the check for if it needed reloading. I love these challenges, these small human-errors that need solving, that the solution could be something that you do not expect.

I did have time for extra work on this game outside of the class time this week, and in that time, I made the game into a bit of a puzzle game. The objective of the game now is to jump from platform to platform using the jump pads and to make it to the end without falling to your doom.

Week 6 2

All eight platforms needed to be jumped on to complete the level.


I had set it up to only show the player two platforms at a time, making it more difficult to plan ahead.

Week 6 3

A shot once the game is started, only the first two platforms are visible.


I also later added the difficulty factor to the level. For one jump, you must not touch your mouse at all, and hold the forward key until the jump before the difficult platform and a split second after you jump off the platform before, you must also hold down the left key to reach it. A split second too early or late would be enough for you to fall to your doom.

Week 6 1

Missing a platform results in you ‘falling to your doom’.


Another added component is the wall protruding from the ground near this difficult platform, hitting it also results in your doom. Adding this made sure you HAD to keep your mouse still as your trajectory is changed slightly based on where you are looking.

I have enjoyed tinkering around with this project and wish I had the time to in previous weeks. I will try to do this more in the future if I am able to set time to it, if I do not enjoy the current project, I will possibly just practise the stuff we learned in that week’s class in a personal project instead.

Week 6 6

On completion of the game, this screen displays. As you can see, it took me 50 tries to get to the end after taking many screenshots.


This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.