The career starter.

We have talked about many things in the past few weeks to do with the industry of creative media, but none of what we have talked about really comes into perspective until you get a job in the industry to start with. The interview stage is ultimately the career starter, and nailing it is the aim.

Networking is the Key!

Personally, I have worked three jobs and none of them required me to have an interview. I have been accepted for these jobs exclusively because I have previously met my bosses through networking. Ever since I was young, my dad has stated that networking will get you very far in life, and this is probably the biggest lesson I have taken away from my dad’s life lessons. He has become a key asset in mostly all of the companies he has worked for.

The reason he does so well and ‘climbs the ladder’ in his workplaces is because of the people he meets via networking. I have therefore seen, first hand, that his lesson in life to network, is fairly important. The more people you get to know; the bigger opportunities you shall potentially be met with.

I have taken the initiative to, in my day-to-day life, meet new people who may have connections to higher positions in places I want to be involved with. I have received all my job positions through the method of networking and this is the reason I named the title of this paragraph, ‘Networking is the Key!’.

Socailly Networking –


There is a problem with this though, as I have stated, I have never done an interview for a job before. I am therefore a newbie when it comes to the process of an interview. Reading this week’s lecture and discussing techniques in class has taught me a lot about interviewing well, but after an amount of time researching, I have found that it is after the interview that is more important. Once you have shown who you are to the potential employer, persistence will prove that you are indeed interested in the job and will show that you do not give up easily (gives an example of what you are like in the workplace).

Persist in contacting the interviewer –

Leave your mark!

When I look back at it, I realize my dad also has the trait of persistence, he knows what he wants and will try for the best chance to get it. I, personally do not believe I am of that nature, but I am inspired to at least attempt it in the future. From what success I have seen my dad do it, the combination of networking and persistence will guarantee you get noticed. If not getting you a job, it at least leaves an impression on the interviewer and they may come to you if they have another position available in the future.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.