Week 5 1

Overview of play-field. Jump pad with explosion residue, Turret shooting cannon ammo, and red enemy promptly stalking me.

This week we developed our games we started last week. No better artwork has been added, but a few cool mechanics have been created that make the game a lot more fun.

Two main additions added were the jump pad and the raycast-scanning turret. The jump pad allows for a view over the protruding blue wall, to gain a visual on the red enemy and to be able to kill it before it reaches you, but watch out, the ‘movement-activated’ turret will track you down and fire at will. Along with these additions, the way the enemy moves and various movement, firing and health values have been changed to suit the new update. Apart from this, yet again, the assignment was way more important, so additions intended for this update, including a more advanced level layout, improved lighting, power-ups and better artwork have at least been postponed, but possibly cancelled.

Week 5 4

The turret has been shooting miniature suns at me!

If I feel like a break from the assignment, I shall come back to this and include the following:

  • Health for player
  • Crouching
  • Enemy model
  • More enemy types
  • A better projectile-type being shot by the turret (cannon balls won’t cut it)
  • Mechanic for bomb dropping, where the player has warning of enemy bombs being dropped, and must be in the air (via the jump pad) when the countdown reaches zero
  • As well as the intended additions from last week’s blog post…

Week 5 3

┬áSo I shot it in all it’s face-holes.

Thank you for reading my development blog posts, they may not be that extensive, but they will provide you with insight into what I learn doing these miniature projects. Who knew I would be making an FPS from pretty much scratch!

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.