Week 4

Big ‘Splosions are top priority

This week’s task was to build upon a First Person Shooter game. We were provided with a character that had a rocket launcher (the rocket launcher had a nice reloading animation) and a grey wall with a barrel beside it. From there, it was pretty much our choice what we did. The following is listing feature inclusions:

  • Damage over range for explosions
  • Spawn basic enemy, movement towards player
  • Health for enemies
  • Recoil on rocket fire, pushing you back

Next week, this project will continue to be worked on, I can not really work on this project much more during the week as the assignment for this unit is more important. Not that I will have much time to do advanced thing to this project, stuff that I hope to have implemented by the end of this project include:

  • Better lighting, make the player scared of the enemy approaching any second from around the corner
  • Some sort of watching entity that hurts you, maybe a camera with a laser, maybe a cannon turret, maybe a mysterious figure in the corner that when you look at it, drains your life
  • Power-ups?
  • Better artwork, to match (or at least try to match) rocket launcher artwork
  • More refined values
  • A more advanced level layout, with ramps to higher levels, much like the Block Fort multi-player map in Mario Kart 64.

That’s it for this week, working on the assignment for the rest of the the week and weekend.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.