Beam me up, Scotty

This week, I worked on the continuation of last week’s game. The game has improved substantially since new 3D artwork was added. As well as the addition of 3D artistic assets, a moving background was implemented to provide the illusion of movement through space.

The enemies have been improved with the ability for them to (seemingly) randomly shoot back at you, but with ‘average’ accuracy. This was purposeful, as projectiles now have a force applied, that will allow projectiles to be pulled into the target, or in the case of the enemies shooting you, just behind the target. If you move, the projectile’s trajectory changes slightly, and it then has a higher chance of hitting you than if you were to stand still.

If time permits, by the end of the week, the player will have more weapons to fire! There are three extra weapons planned for development:

  • The Tractor Beam is a thick beam of light that fires directly in front of the player’s ship for three seconds. It can kill an enemy if they are in the beam’s trajectory for two seconds.
  • The BOMBA is a grenade launcher-type weapon, that will kill an enemy if they are in the medium-sized area of effect.
  • The Attractor is an energy sphere launcher that homes onto enemies and creates a temporary magnetic field that will attract more enemies and then explode.

Lastly a score system will be set up to allow for a future high score table, currently there is one implemented but it does not work the way it was intended as it was built upon an “enemies destroyed” counter.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.