The method in which I shall earn my income.

In the Week 2 lecture, we were asked to think of of some questions we had about our industries, question including but not limited to how we may gain income. The class would then pitch in to answer these questions and the lecturer would sum up what he thought the true answer was.

The problem.

As I do my best programming during the late hours of the night and into the early morning, I posed the question not expected a response of ‘How will I survive working in a programming job 9-5 if my best work is later’. The lecturer quickly brought up that I would be a ‘loser’ in the office. Now, he wasn’t being nasty by saying this, as he explained that in the hit TV series, The Office, there existed a principle called The Gervais Principle, where in an office environment, there are three types of people; the Sociopaths, the Losers and the Clueless.

Sociopaths, Clueless and Losers –

I have paraphrased the following quote that sums up what my lecturer stated about losers,

“Losers are not in cultural terms: the kind of person you call a ‘loser.’ They are losers in the economic sense: those who have, for various reasons, made (or been forced to make) a bad economic bargain. They’ve given up some potential for long-term economic liberty (as capitalists) for short-term economic stability… They do have a loyalty to individual people, and a commitment to finding fulfilment through work when they can, and coasting when they cannot.” (Rao, 2009)

Ricky Gervais –

Its solution.

I really took this to heart, it made sense to me. I will “make the best of a bad situation.  The most rational thing to do is slack off and do the minimum necessary… (the loser) pays his dues, does not ask for much, and finds meaning in his life elsewhere.” (Rao, 2009). To relate this to my life, I will most probably do the ‘minimum necessary’ at work and ‘find meaning to my life elsewhere’, meaning I will do the bulk of the work in my most productive hours, at home.

We Are Losers –

I recommend having a read of Mr Rao’s page on The Gervais Principle, you may find that you fit in the sociopath category.

Rao, V. (2009). The Gervais Principle, or the office according to “The Office”. Retrieved October 4, 2015 from

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.