Our Media use and identity.

In this post, we will reflect on the ways in which we engage with media, and the picture that paints of us as media creators.

Media creator's vision of Earth from space.
A media creator’s vision of Earth from space – http://bit.do/visionofearth

Online media:

Media over the years has materialised in the form of newspaper, radio broadcastings and television, but now there is a new way to get information and communication at the end of your fingertips and in an instant: through the internet. Every morning, we turn on our phones and computers, open up our browsers and favourite apps, and proceed to update ourselves on what has happened while we were sleeping.

Social media is the mode of medium on the internet.

Personally, I get my news scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and communications from Facebook itself, but there are so many social media sites on the internet. Social media can come in many variations of forms, it is up to you how you prefer your media, even newspapers, radio and television are broadcasted over the internet now and are integrated into social media.

How we fit into this.

As a student of a creative media industry, there are many ways we fit into the subject of media. The film, audio and games students all equally contribute to what we see, hear and interact with media. My contribution to the media we use, as a Games Programmer, is the way I animate Game Designer’s thoughts and ideas into payable and interactive games. This medium is becoming more and more popular as we learn to interact with each other over the internet. In 2013, the film industry revenue worldwide was $35.9 billion (MPAA, 2013) whereas the worldwide revenue for the video game industry was $70.4 billion (newzoo, 2013), and has only been around for a third of the time.

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newzoo Global Games Market Report. (2013). Global Games Market Report Infographics [Fact Sheet]. Retrieved from http://www.newzoo.com/infographics/global-games-market-report-infographics/

The importance of our role.

Our role as media creators is very important. There are only a couple of real images taken of Earth from space and they do not put into context what the whole of what Earth looks like from space. We, as media creators, have conceptualised what Earth may actually look like in whole from space and our interpretations are what people see in movies and games. The public has accepted that the Earth must look like what we create as it is all they have. We are controlling what people vision in (and out of) this world, through creative media.

Next Week’s Topic:

Future predictions.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.