What inspired me to become a programmer?

My name is Daniel Jochem. Welcome to my first blog post! This entry will be based on what has inspired me to become a real world programmer.

Sparking Curiosity – http://bit.do/sparkingcuriosity

‌The initial spark…

My extended family has always been eager techno-wizards, when a new “thing” comes out, someone in our family has already purchased it. We would all go over to the family member’s house and have a play. This meant that technology was always being introduced into our household and this really would have been the initial spark to my curiosity for how technology worked and how to manipulate it.

How the programming began:

Every time I would visit my granddad at his house, I would be buzzing, wanting to figure out how his ten-year old PC with Windows 98 on it worked. It very much intrigued me, how such weird, old components could be assembled in a specific way that would allow me to input a string of text into an application and it would output some sort of answer to me. Just before he passed away, he lovingly passed down his dinosaur-age PC to me. For weeks on end I would energetically try to investigate exactly how the computer components worked together. Once I had finally inspected the hardware components, the research lead to the software and firmware side of things, basically how to interact with the various hardware components of the PC to allow me to do different things. After two years of this intense deciphering, I had a complex understanding of how everything talked to each other and now I wanted to manipulate it to do the specific tasks I wanted it to do, and learning to program was the answer.

Where I am now.

Now, ten years later, I have finished school and am currently studying in Games Programming at SAE Qantm. It is just the beginning, but so far I am enjoying it. I will elaborate in a future post when I am settled in a bit more.

Next Week’s Topic:

Our media use and identity.

This is Daniel Jochem, signing out.